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Analyzing your ergonomic risks has never been easier.

Ensure compliance with Occupationnal Health and Safety Laws and regulations.

What is E2?

E2 is an online (Saas) ergonomic risk analysis and management solution for the prevention of musculoskeletal injuries

Developed by certified ergonomists and HR professionals. 25 years of expertise in a practical solution.

Easy to use





Designed for professionnals and companies like you.

A single tool to manage ergonomic risks. 

E2 takes the headache out of having to use multiple tools or reference standards.

E2 incorporates recognized reference values and ergonomics standards.

Why use E2?

E2 helps you to assess, analyze and manage the ergonomic risks of your organization. Simple. Effective. Efficient.

E2 Business the advantages

  • Analyze, eliminate, control and manage ergonomic risks
  • Prevent and eliminate musculoskeletal injuries
  • Get the facts on ergonomic risks
  • Compliance with occupational health and safety (PL59-LMRSST) and corporate ESG requirements
  • Objectify your decisions
  • Manage ergonomic risks in full autonomy

E2 Professionnal the advantages

  • Objectify your decisions
  • Quickly identify ergonomic risks
  • Communicate effectively with objective data
  • Define an ergonomic risk rating
  • Prioritize your actions

More and more employers trust E2 !

E2 Professionnal or E2 Business

E2 facilitates and simplifies the analysis and management of ergonomic risks. Find the option that fits your needs and goals.

E2 Professionnal

For professionals who want to objectively and quickly assess ergonomic risks

Available on phone, tablet and desktop


Identification of ergonomic risks

Ergonomic risk analyzes

  • Objective analysis of ergonomic risks
  • Complete and robust process

Ergo calculator

  • Single algorithm
  • Integrating standards and reference values
  • Practical risk gradation scale: green, yellow, orange, red
  • Accurate risk rating

Downloadable ergonomic risk analysis

E2 Business

For companies that want to manage ergonomic risks in order to eliminate MSDs.

Available on phone, tablet and desktop


ALL the features of E2 Professional, plus:

ALL analytics and solutions for your site

ALL user accesses according to their roles and responsibilities

Solutions estimator

  • To facilitate your decisions

Action plans

  • Integrating determinants and solutions

The comparison table

  • Prioritization of tasks and positions between them

Directory (history) of ALL ergonomic risk analyzes

Summary report

  • Ergonomic risk rating
  • Modulators

Capacity: 1 to 99,999+ tasks - workstations

E2 Business 360

For the company that wants complete support to manage ergonomic risks and eliminate MSDs.

Available on phone, tablet and desktop


ALL the inclusions of E2 Multisite Enterprise, plus:

Ergonomic diagnosis

  • Of your production sites

Capacity: 1 to 99,999+ tasks - workstations

Need help analyzing ergonomic risks, our certified ergonomists are there to help you